Company View

VUTTON INTERNATIONAL PTE LIMITED is devoted to manufacturing heat pump products in China. Our manufacturing facilities including: Laboratory, heat pump test line, heat pump production line for swimming pool heat pump, house heating heat pump production line, warehouse.

Vision of VTCOOL:
To be the respectable leading heat pump manufacturer in China.

Business Of VTCOOL
Develop, marketing heat pump products worldwide .

Value of VTCOOL
Innovation, service, responsibility, faith, dedication and win win cooperation.

Mission of VTCOOL
To create energy saving value, create cool life.

Insists of VTCOOL
Offers excellent heat pump product with best quality.

Our motto: Excellence creates cool life.

  • TEL:+8613902837606
  • FAX:+86 0757 29229778
  • EMAIL:info@vtcool.com.cn
  • ADDRESS:No. 99 Fu Lian Industrial Zone of Panyu District, Guangzhou of Guangdong China