Warranty Service

It is not an easy task to order of purchase from distant supplier, especially in international trade. Finding the right supplier with good warranty will greatly reducing purchasing cost, and guarantee product quality. 

VTCOOL warranty policy: 
  • Warranty period: 24 months since the date of delivery.
  • During the period of warranty, if the product has a failure occurs under normal usage, VTCOOL will provide free new spare parts based on the proof documents.
  • If failure or damage due to incorrect operation, wire connection or any other don’t follow our instruction, VTCOOL will provide technical support to help solving the problem.
  • Normally we will provide 1% spare parts free or charge and the spare parts will be put in the shipment.
  • For the labor cost loss caused by the heat pump failure under normal usage during warranty period and we will shoulder certain percentage and this will be deducted in the next new order.
Choosing VTCOOL heat pump with 2 years warranty, will set your ease on mind!
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  • FAX:+86 0757 29229778
  • EMAIL:info@vtcool.com.cn
  • ADDRESS:No. 99 Fu Lian Industrial Zone of Panyu District, Guangzhou of Guangdong China