• ML300P Project In Anshun Municipal Party SchoolML300P Project In Anshun Municipal Party School2017/10/26V-COOL has won the project of commercial hot water supply in Anshun Municipal Party School of Guizhou province. For this project of commercial hot water, need 70 ton hot water supply per day.
  • House Heating Project Of MS130RHouse Heating Project Of MS130R2017/10/26V-COOL has successfully installed 1 pc of MS130R for the house of 200square meter which combining with other heating sources.
  • House Heating Of MS180RHouse Heating Of MS180R2017/10/26The system has installed nearly 1 year and the whole system worked perfectly with low noise level and fast heating. And also it can save electricity greatly.
  • Commercial Heating ProjectCommercial Heating Project2017/10/26The whole system works very well and it can save electricity 75%-80% comparing to normal electrical stove or boilers. The units has been installed for nearly 2 years, the system work very well under -25 centigrade low temperature.
  • Container LoadingContainer Loading2017/10/25We have gained good cooperation with our worldwide partners for the product of swimming pool heat pump, house heating heat pump, commercial hot water heat pump and also the inverter heat pumps.
  • Commercial Hot Water Heat PumpCommercial Hot Water Heat Pump2017/10/25For this project of commercial hot water, this need hot water supply of 80 ton 55 centigrade hot water per day. For this project need 12 pcs of V-COOL commercial heat pump water heater, model of ML100P.
  • Commercial Pool Heat PumpCommercial Pool Heat Pump2017/10/25We have installed 2 pcs of VL420R and the system works very well and it can save electricity nearly 75%-85% comparing with normal electrical heater. We have installed the electricity meter to make comparison.
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