House Heating Of MS180R

Business partner in Sweden of V-COOL Electrical Holdings Co.,Limited ( china manufacturer of evi air to water heat pump) has successfully installed 1 pc of MS180R for the house of 180 square meter with well insulation. The spec of MS180R we have installed is:

  • Rated heating capacity: 19kw
  • Model: low temperature house heating heat pump
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Ventilation: Horizontal
  • Heater exchanger: Plate heater exchanger
  • Noise level: 43Db
  • Compressor: Copeland EVI type

The system has installed nearly 1 year and the whole system worked perfectly with low noise level and fast heating. And also it can save electricity greatly.

Below listed plz find the picture of the project
House Heating Of MS180R

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