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Evi Air To Water Heat Pump

VTCOOL range of evi air to water heat pump is the heat pump which is just specially developed for the purpose of house heating and cooling for the low-temperature area ( such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia these Nordic countries) with the evi technology. With evi compressor technology from Copeland, our evi heat pump can have the perfect performance at the ambient temperature as low as -25℃, the heat pump units can provide efficient heating for your house and also cooling during the summer time.

Our range of evi air to water heat pump is equipped with Copeland brand compressor, Plate heater exchanger. And the heat pump system is equipped with auto defrosting system so that the unit can work under -25 centigrade low temperature with good cop.

Our evi air water house heating heat pump is also adapting the enhanced vapor injection technology from Copeland compressor with crankcase heater for the critical cold area. Also, most of the famous parts of the evi heat pump guarantee high quality and the long lifespan of our machine of evi heat pumps. All of our screws and clips both external and internal are both 304 stainless steel. Also our cabinet we are using is galvanized steel which ensures our machine will be not easily rusted.

The capacity range of VTCOOL evi air to water heat pump is from 12kw, 18kw, 19kw, 28kw, 38kw. And our product has been exported to Sweden, Finland and Belgium and the market feedback is rather good.
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