12kw 380v Horizontal Evi Air Source Heat Pump For Central Heating

  Model of VTCOOL 12kw 380v horizontal  type evi air source heat pump for central house heating,  adapting the word's leading Humanized Heating Technology of evi which can ensure the system can work under -25 centigrade low temperature.

Features of VTCOOL 12kw 380v Horizontal Evi Air Source Heat Pump For Central House Heating

  • VTCOOL proudct of evi air source heat pump is adapting Copeland evi compressor for the whole system to ensure that the unit can work under -25 centigrade low temperature.
  • Famous brand plate heater exchanger is in use for our evi air source heat pump to achieve better cop than normal heat pumps.
  • Patented technology of low noise level fan and fan motors to ensure that the unit can work in low noise level of less than 45 DB.
  • All the units are well packed in wooden box to advoid damage during the long distance transport.
  • All the units will be tested during our lab which is certified by TUV to ensure that it can work under -25 centigrade and also good cop.
  • Stable, non-poisonous, superior performances and non fluorine property, the refrigerant R410A  makes no damage to the ozone layer and thus it is more enviromentally friendly.
  • Famous brand plate heater exchanger such as GEA is adopted to achieve much higher efficiency in heating/cooling. The water temperatures arrive at 60℃,and can be widely applied in preparation for house heating, hot water and air conditioning.
  • Humanized designed remote controller,the system can realize the indoor control and modes automatic conversion. This makes operations easier.

Advantage of VTCOOL Evi Air Source Heat Pump:

  • Eco-friendly refrigerant R407c with EVI scroll Copeland compressor from USA which can work more  quieter and much more reliable.
  • Short and quick time of  defrosting technology;
  • Low noise created by Ziehl-Abegg ventilator;
  • Climate compensation with different curves;
  • For model of MS130R, MS180R, both single phase and 3 phase are available.
  • 2 years' warranty will set your ease on mind.
Evi Air To Water Heat Pump Specification
Model MS130 MS130R MS180 MS180R MS220 MS220R MS320R
Voltage 220V 380V 220V 380V 220V 380V 380V
Operating Ambient Temperature() -25~+43
Heating capacity / COP   A20W55/COP(kw/--) 12.0/4.2 12.0/4.2 18.0/4.3 19/4.3 22/4.2 24/4.2 38/3.6
A7W45/COP(kw/--) 9.0/3.6 9.0/3.6 15.0/3.7 17/3.9 19/3.8 20/3.8 34/3.8
A-12W35/COP(kw/--) 7.2/2.7 7.2/2.7 10.5/2.8 11.0/2.8 13/2.8 14/4 22/2.8
Input voltage 220V 1N~50Hz 380V 3N~50Hz 220V 1N~50Hz 380V 3N~50Hz 220V 1N~50Hz 380V 3N~50Hz 380V 3N~50Hz
Input power A7W45(kw) 2.5 2.5 4.2 4.3 5 5.2 8.6
A20W55(kw) 2.8 2.8  4.3 4.5 5.2 5.7 9
MAX.Running Current (A) 15 6.5 25 11.2 29.5 14.6 22.4
Protection grade IPX4
Refrigerant/Filling quantity (--/kg) R407/2.2 R407/3.5 R407/4.5 R407/4.5 R407/5 R407/5 R407/4.5x2
Compressor Type Hermetic scroll Hermetic scroll EVI scroll EVI scroll EVI scroll EVI scroll EVI scroll
Quantity 1 1 1 1 1 1 2
Heat Exchanger Air Side Type Aluminum Hydrophillic Fin-Tube
Air Discharge Direction Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Vertical
Water Side Type Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Domestic
MAX Flow Temperature(℃) 58/5
Water Connection(inch) DN32 DN32 DN32 DN32 DN32 DN32 DN40
Rated Flow Rate(m³/h) 1.8 1.8 3.5 3.5 4.5 4.5 8
Pressure Drop (kPa) ≤40 ≤40 ≤45 ≤45 ≤45 ≤45 ≤50
Dimensions(L*W*H) (mm) 1105x405x1130 1105x505x1260 1105x505x1260 1455x775x1115
Packing size(L*W*H) (mm) 1200*550*1300 1180x660x1410 1180x660x1410 1550x930x1280
Noise (dB(A) 45 45 45 45 50 50 55
Net weight (kg) 110 110 180 180 180 180 280
Gross weight(kg) 127 127 200 200 200 200 296
Due to product improvement,above data are subject to change  without prior notice,please take the nameplate on the heat pump as standard. 
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