Inverter House Heating Heat Pump
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Inverter House Heating Heat Pump

VTCOOL inverter house heating heat pump is the heat pump specially designed for house heating, cooling and domestic hot water with inverter technology. The advantage of our product of inverter heat pump is that it can achieve high efficiency with cop up to 5. Our house heating heat pump with application of inverter technology and it can adjust the output capacity automatically and control the room temperature accurately. The intelligent control system means everyone in the family can control the unit.

The range of VTCOOL inverter house heating heat pump can be divided into monobloc type inverter air to water heat pump and split type DC inverter air to water house heating heat pump. The capacity range is from 12kw, 18kw and 20kw.

With the use of two rotary inverter compressors, brushless DC fan motors, and inverter control method, the units of inverter house heating heat pumps can regulate the running capacity. With no frequent start-ups and stop runnings, the units of inverter heat pump can work in stable condition with high efficiency. The energy consumption is 35% less than the standard heat pump units and 15% less than other inverter heat pumps.

VTCOOL inverter house heating heat pumps are also adopting self-developed wire controller with glass panel and touch screen which can be installed on the wall of the house. The patented digital control is easy for use and also provides you a convenient way to control the heat pump and help you enjoy warming during the winter time.
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