Inverter Pool Heat Pump
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Inverter Pool Heat Pump

VTCOOL inverter air source swimming pool heat pump takes inverter technology and the inverter technology makes air to water swimming pool heat pump reach an extremely high COP and it is energy saving. Comparing with the normal heat pump in the market, VTCOOL inverter heat pump is higher COP. Besides, the heating time is also much shorter. Our product of inverter air source heat pump pool heater can greatly save energy and enable you to enjoy swimming without waiting for a long time.

VTCOOL inverter air to water heat pump pool heater has 2 range: R410A inverter air source pool heat pump and R32 inverter air to the water heat pump pool heater. And also our product of inverter pool heat pump has the wide capacity range from 5.5kw, 7.5kw, 11kw, 14.3kw, 17.5kw, 20.4kw and 25.5kw.

For our product range of inverter air to water swimming pool heat pumps, Panasonic brand brushless fan motor is in use which ensures that our model of inverter heat pump is full inverter technology and also can heat/cool the swimming pool much more efficiently and much more quieter. For the compressor we are using is Mitsubishi twin rotary inverter compressor which can work much more softly and much more efficiently.

VTCOOL inverter swimming pool heat pump also adopts spiral coil titanium heater exchanger in PVC which is anticorrosion especially for the water inside the swimming pool which is rich in all kinds of chemicals. Also, the structure of spiral coil titanium heat exchanger ensures the unit can be 10-15% energy saving than other inverter heat pumps.

Our range of inverter pool heat pump water heater is with approval for European and Australian market and it is with our patent design. We are looking for worldwide partners and distributors.
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