R32 Inverter Swimming Pool Heater
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R32 Inverter Swimming Pool Heater

VTCOOL inverter swimming pool heater takes R32 refrigerant which is a promising next generation refrigerant for heating and cooling swimming pool. As R32 is a perfect choice according to the EU's HFCs phase-down and the quota system. The advantage of VTCOOL inverter swimming pool heat pump water heater is:

1. Maintaining rather high cop in different ambient conditions
No matter the ambient air temperature is, cold or warm, our product of R32 swimming pool heat pump can perform well with rather high cop than normal on/off heat pump or other inverter pool heat pumps.

2. Energy saving and heating in short time
With using VTCOOL R32 inverter swimming pool heat pump pool heater, the heat pump can shorter heating time than normal heat pump or other inverter heat pump , the customer doesn't need to wait for a long time for swimming. At the same time, it is much more energy saving than on/off heat pump and other inverter heat pumps

3. Low GWP and ODP
Refrigerant of R32 is the new CFC free refrigerant which is with much lower GWP( global warm potential) and ODP ( ozone depletion potential) comparing with R410A. And this new refrigerant of R32 will become more popular in the market.

Our range of R32 inverter air source swimming pool heat pump heater has wide capacity range of: from 5.5kw, 7.5kw, 11kw, 14.3kw, 17.5kw, 20.4kw to 25.5kw.

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