R410A Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump
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R410A Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

R410A inverter swimming pool heat pump of VTCOOL takes R410A refrigerant which is energy saving and environment-friendly gas for the swimming pool heating and cooling. And also inverter technology is adapted to ensure the fast heating and cooling the swimming pool with the low noise level. As inverter technology allows you to vary or modulate the speed of the compressor – much like a variable-speed swimming pool pump. This maximizes energy efficiency whilst keeping utility costs low, providing outstanding electrical savings and reducing your annual energy consumption.

Our product of R410A inverter swimming pool heat pump works very silently thanks to a unique ventilation internal structure. We specially provide a silence mode to make sure you meet your low noise requirements and make your neighbors happy.

For our product of R410A full technology inverter swimming pool heat pumps, we are using the panasonic brushless motor which is much quieter and energy saving. The compressor we are using is Mitsubishi twin rotary inverter type compressor which is high efficiency and low noise level.

Our product of R410A full inverter swimming pool heat pumps is with our own patented design from Italy. And currently, we are looking for the agent and OEM/ODM partner for our product of DC inverter swimming pool heat pumps. Kindly contact us for more information in details if it is interesting for you.
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