Air Energy Heat Pump Plays An Important Role In Swimming Pool

Firstly, let’s talk about one old news. According to a statistical report by "China News Network", there are already more than 100 swimming pools in Shenyang in 2006, but only 30 left by 2009. Swimming pools in Shenyang have closed about 70% in just three years. (including many private village hall and guesthouse swimming pool), the rest 30 swimming pools are struggling and difficult to manage ).

Why there are so many swimming pools closed? What is behind it? Let's review the interview record at that time.

A curator of a large swimming pool in Shenyang said: many people think that we are the windfall industry. But we can speak with the fact, and about more than 2/3 swimming pools have closed in three years. We all have lost so much, who would like to quit if it is really profitable?

One person in the field said that the temperature of water in the swimming pool must keep the same. Usually, the temperature of water of inner swimming pool is about 24-29 degree centigrade. The temperature outdoor is about 22-30 degree centigrade. This heating fee is the largest expenses in this swimming pool. The coal price rises from 100RMB per ton to more than 300RMB per ton to 600RMB per ton, which results the heating fee doubled. Now the heating fee in the inner swimming pool in Shenyang is about one million to three million, and many swimming pools closed because of the high heating fee.

With the coal price doubled, many swimming pools in Shenyang have to increase the price. The price of year-card is about 1300RMB to 1600RMB, about more than 50% higher than before.

A charger of a swimming pool in Shenyang said: the price is still low though we have raised it before. The yearly swimming card is about more than 2500RMB. Compared with swimming pools in the south part of China, the winter's time is longer in Shenyang and the heating fee is more expensive. But there are still few people in winter for swimming.

Many years have passed, The number of swimming pools in Shenyang has increased year by year.

Now there are 89 swimming pools in Shenyang totally and 77 are running.

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