Air Heat Pump Water Heater Technical Knowledge Q & A (1)

Q1. What is the "heat pump"?      To give a simple example, a car can transport several tons of cargo from one place to another with a few liters of gasoline. The heat pump unit can absorb heat from the natural environment and pass the heat pump “handling” (electric power drive heat pump), which can be used for The heat of production and life.

Q2. What kinds of "heat pumps" are there?

According to different heat sources, heat pumps can be divided into air source heat pumps, water source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps.

Q3. Is the air energy heat pump hot water unit easy to use and operate?    

The use is very simple, the whole unit adopts the automatic intelligent control system, the user only needs to turn on the power when the first use, fully realize the automatic operation in the later use process, and automatically stop when the user specifies the water temperature, the system is lower than the user specified water temperature. Start up and run completely 24 hours a day without hot water.

Q4. What temperature range is the heat pump water heater suitable for?

Heat pump water heaters are required to be used in the ambient temperature range of -5 to 45 ° C. Below -5 ° C, the COP value is low and there is no significant energy saving effect.

Q5. What are the advantages of the heat pump hot water unit?    

(1) With heat storage function, you can use low-cost valley electricity.    

(2) Various low-level heat sources can be used to achieve comprehensive utilization of building equipment energy.    

(3) The air source heat pump hot water unit does not need a special machine room, and the arrangement position of the unit and the water tank is relatively flexible.

Q6. Is the heat pump water heater a solar product?    

In a broad sense, the heat pump unit is essentially different from conventional solar products, mainly in the difference of working principle. Conventional solar products must rely on direct sunlight or radiation to achieve heating effect. While heat pump unit is mainly to absorb the heat energy in the environment to achieve the heating effect.
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