Air Heat Pump Water Heater Technical Knowledge Q & A (2)

Q1. What are the advantages of heat pump products compared with boilers?

1. High thermal efficiency: The thermal efficiency of the product is above 300% on average, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler will not exceed 100%.

2. Low operating costs: Compared with fuel, gas boilers, the average annual energy savings of 70% plus the price of electricity and fuel prices, the advantages of low operating costs are increasingly prominent.

3. Environmental protection: Heat pump products without any combustion emissions, the refrigerant selected environmentally friendly refrigerant R417A, zero pollution to the ozone layer, is a very good environmentally friendly products.

4. Safe operation, no need to be on duty: Compared with the fuel boiler, the operation is absolutely safe, fully automated control, no personnel on duty, can save personnel costs.

5. Modular installation makes it easy to add equipment: The product adopts the installation mode of multiple units in parallel. When the user's water consumption increases, the equipment can be added at any time, which brings great convenience to the user.

Q2. What are the advantages of air-energy heat pump units compared to conventional solar energy?

Currently in the domestic hot water market, solar water heaters are popular with their avant-garde concept and free energy gimmicks. However, in the actual use of solar water heaters, it is impossible to do completely free of charge. Due to the inability to work in rainy days and nights, solar water heaters need to be equipped with electric auxiliary devices. As the city's haze weather is increasing, solar water heaters use electricity for most of the time to cause great energy waste. The advantages of heat pump are very obvious, mainly reflected in four aspects:

1. From the aspect of running cost: Conventional solar energy runs at almost zero cost under direct sunlight. Unfortunately, it can only rely on auxiliary system work in rainy and snowy days or nights. Statistics show that during normal use, conventional solar auxiliary system consumes electricity all year round. The specific heat consumption of the specific heat pump unit is higher throughout the year.

2. From the investment side: If the same water supply effect is achieved, the capital invested in the heat pump hot water unit is less than the conventional solar energy product, and the economical electric energy can be used, and the hot water reserve is used when the electricity is low.

3. From the usage: Conventional solar products are affected by the weather, rainy days, snowy days, nights can not work, and heat pump hot water units can work as usual, whether it is cloudy, rainy, snowy, night or sunny, Hot water is available 24/7.

4. Other functions: The use of heat pump units is not limited by location, can be placed anywhere, and the footprint is small, and conventional solar energy to achieve the same heating effect requires a lot of space, must also be placed in the open. The heat pump unit can generate cold air while producing hot water, and can be used for auxiliary functions such as dehumidification, cooling and air filtration.
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