Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

Air source heat pump water heater, also known as heat pump water heater, absorbs air heat source by heat pump to make hot water. Its energy saving's efficiency is more than four times of electric water heater. It is much more energy-efficient than solar water heater and is currently the world's most advanced energy conservation and environmental protection of hot water system. V - COOL heat pump adopts Reverse Carnot principle, uses very little power to absorb a large number of low temperature's heat in the air.  Compress them into high temperature's thermal energy through the compressor, then transport them to the water tank, heat hot water, so it has low energy consumption, high efficiency, high speed, good security, environmental protection. It can continuously supply hot water. As a hot water system, it has unparalleled advantages. V - COOL heat pump hot water unit follows the law of conservation of energy and the second law of thermodynamics, using the principle of Heat Pump. It only needs to consume a fraction of the mechanical work (electric energy), so it can transfer heat from low temperature's environment (atmosphere or underground water) to water heater in high temperature's environment so as to heat and make hot water. Heat Pump can be compared with the water pump, water is not spontaneously flowing from low to high. So in order to transfer water from a low place to the high place, a water pump is needed. It consumes only a part of the electric power, so the water can be moved to the high water tank. Also, according to the second law of thermodynamics, heat cannot transfer from low temperature to high temperature's environment (transmit) spontaneously, and to achieve this purpose, there must be a machine, consume part of the mechanical work (such as electricity), to transfer heat in low temperature environment to the high temperature environment. Such a machine is called a “heat pump". The heat pump is used to remove the heat from the air or the low temperature's water, convert them together with the energy that used into heat, so it can be used in high temperature's environment. Put heart into the world changes in temperature, and science and technology serve the community. It is the eternal theme of mankind, and the harmonious development of man and nature is the eternal pursuit of V-COOL!

Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater
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