Heat Pump Drying Process Collection and Sharing

Bitter gourd drying process:

1. Wash the bitter gourd and slice it, about 0.5CM thickness.

2, into the drying room, select the temperature of 55 degrees, continuous drying work for 4 hours.

3. after drying, seal as soon as possible to prevent moisture deterioration.

4. if the moisture becomes soft, put it back into the machine and then dry it for 10 minutes, then it can be restored.

The role of bitter gourd:

Bitter gourd is also called cold melon, and the Vc content is quite rich, ranking first in melon vegetables. It also contains bitter melon, serotonin, and bitter melon protein MAP30 (a protein that blocks HIV DNA synthesis). It has the effects of clearing heat, eyesight, detoxification, improving immunity, and lowering blood sugar. It is an ideal therapeutic vegetable for diabetics, and has anti-cancer effects, and has a high value for deep development and utilization.


Okra baking process

The water content of okra is relatively high and the water content is 80%. Therefore, it is relatively long when baking, and the baking process should be adjusted to a good temperature. Otherwise, the effect of hue beauty will not be achieved.

1. Firstly set the temperature at 50 °C to open the fresh air system. The dried okra will not turn black. It has been baked for 24 hours.

2. Adjust the temperature of the heat pump drying dehumidifier to 60 ° C. Also open the fresh air system and bake for 24 hours. Finally, take out the cold and then pack it directly;

3. such valuable items as the okra, the finished product baked by the heat pump dryer, the best results in both the hue and the nutritional value. Baking in the middle temperature section of the heat pump dryer preserves the original nutrients of the product. The baked okra can also see the green component on the epidermis to achieve a beautiful hue.
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