The Air Energy Pump Has A Big Role In The Pool Area Part

What makes Shenyang's swimming pool industry revive? After some investigation, I found Mr. Xu who runs a swimming pool. After Repeated inquiry, Mr. Xu reluctantly revealed his way of doing business, “It is actually very easy to make good business. In addition to the service attitude and price, it makes sure the site is safe, water quality is clean and water temperature is constantly warm.”

But how achieve these three things? I once again raised the question, Mr. Xu proposed to me "why don’t you buy an air energy pool heat pump, it can make it much simpler this way."

It is understood that air energy heat pump is a new generation of heating equipment, which can be used to make hot water and can be used to heat or refrigerate central air conditioning. At present, air energy heat pump is widely used in hospitals, hotels, schools, bathing centers, gymnasiums and other engineering projects. And the pool type heat pump is the hot water equipment specially developed by the air energy company for the swimming pool.

Mr. Xu says that air energy heat pump heating is free of coal consumption and fuel oil. They don't need to worry about prices, fire, bums and security issues, just like the V - COOL MX series swimming pool heat pump he bought, which is equipped with automatic heating, fault alarm, etc. He also does not need to hire skilled workers to guard it for a long time, and the safety of the swimming pool is guaranteed.

The Air Energy Pump Has A Big Role In The Pool Area Part

In addition to providing hot water, the V - COOL swimming pool heat pump used by Mr. Xu also has three filtration and disinfection systems. It can sterilize antivirus, automatically adjust PH value, filter the suspended particles in the water and collect the hair of the pools. So it can Significantly reduce the time spent cleaning up the pool and keeping the pool clean.

With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more people like to go to the swimming pool, and the prospect of swimming pool's industry market is very broad. Although air energy heat pump is a new product, its advantage of letting a guest to enjoy the healthy and comfortable room with hot water, clean and energy saving, environmental protection and health, and the most important is to save money. It will absolutely become an essential part of every swimming stadium in the future.

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