Marketing Support

In order to help our overseas partners to win in the heat pump market, we’d like to provide full support to our partners especially the marketing support service in the below listed aspects:

Firstly, we will make full analysis and investigation for the market ( country) we received the first inquiry of cooperation and will recommend the suitable and competitive production to choose for the target market.

Secondly, we will provide competitive price for the heat pump model chosen for the target market with reliable quality. This will keep our product competitive in the market and also keep our partners good margin of profit.

Thirdly, we will help our partners to build their own website ( website with good SEO function, which will be easily found by google to have customers) with low cost. Also, we will help our partners to design their own catalogue with our heat pump products with low cost in China, which can save a lot of money and time.

Fourthly, The heat pump products we provide mostly is with our own patented design, which will make our product rather unique in the market.

Fifthly,  Our management of export department always carry on the policy of market protection so that we will sell our products to everyone in the market. Normally, we will follow the policy of one product, one country. This can avoid tough competition in the market.

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