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Brushless Motor Split Inverter Heat Pump For Cold Area


1. WIFI/APP digital touch control.

2.220V and 380v models are available.

3.ALFA LAVAL Plate heater exchanger, Panasonic twin rotary inverter compressor, Honeywell 3 way water valve are in used.

4. All models are acquired A+++ ERP approval from TUV( 35 Centigrade A+++ and 55 Centigrade A++).

5. Full range of split type are CE certified.

6. Mature full inverter technology are in used, ensuring high efficiency and low noise level.

7. Wide capacity range from 9kw to 22kw.

8. All split type are with EVI technology, ensuring heat pump can work well under low ambient temperature of -35 centigrade.

  • Description

The R32 DC Inverter Brushless Motor Split Air Source Inverter Heat Pump For Cold Area , designed for fan coils, house heating, and domestic hot water, features a split-type system with separate indoor and outdoor units. Its development is focused on achieving maximum energy savings and minimal noise levels. By combining eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, full inverter technology, and evi technology with a modern design, this heat pump offers powerful heating and cooling performance with an elegant appearance. HEEALARX's brushless motor  air source split full inverter heat pump for cold area  is an ideal solution for luxurious house heating and cooling in both residential and office buildings. With its innovative design and advanced technologies, it provides efficient and effective temperature control while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic.

R32 Inverter Heat Pump

Features of HEEALARX Inverter Air Water House Heating Heat Pump Split Type

  • High-efficient A+++ Energy Level

Our air source split type full inverter heat pump, designed for fan coils, heating, and hot water, is specifically tailored for the high-end European market. This product has achieved an A+++ energy rating, indicating its exceptional energy efficiency. This rating is supported by the implementation of full inverter evi technology, as well as the utilization of high-quality components and an excellent product structure. Furthermore, our heat pump features an adjustable compressor running capacity, ranging from 30% to 150%. This flexibility allows for optimal energy usage based on specific heating and cooling demands. The top energy rating, verified by TUV, assures customers of the unit's outstanding energy-saving performance.

A+++Air to Water House Heating Heat Pump

  • Full DC Inverter EVI Technology

By incorporating evi technology and full inverter capabilities, our air source brushless motor split inverter heat pump for cold area unit ensures optimal performance even in extremely low ambient temperatures, reaching as low as -25 degrees Celsius and even -35 degrees Celsius. This advanced technology guarantees stable and comfortable house heating, cooling, and hot water supply for end users, regardless of the harsh external conditions.

EVI Heat Pump Water Heater

  • Digital Touch  APP Control

The HEEALAX Air to Water Brushless Motor Split Inverter Heat Pump for Cold Area , designed for fan coils, house heating, and hot water, features a full-color control panel with a square gradient effect. This design element not only enhances the visual impact but also highlights the user interface for easy operation. Additionally, the control panel can be detached and used separately, offering increased flexibility in controlling the heat pump. With digital touch control and WiFi capabilities, users can conveniently control their heat pump from anywhere using a smartphone app. This advanced feature allows for remote management and monitoring, providing greater convenience and control over the heating and cooling functions of the unit.

WIFI Control Heat Pump

  • New Green R32 Gas

The HEEALARX Air to Water Brushless Motor Split Inverter Heat Pump For Cold Area unit utilizes the environmentally friendly R32 gas, which is considered a green gas. This gas offers several advantages, including higher energy efficiency compared to R410A, with energy savings ranging from 10% to 20%. Additionally, the use of R32 gas results in lower carbon consumption, making it a more sustainable choice for heating and cooling.

R32 Inverter Heat Pump

  • TOP Brand Heat Pump Components

To guarantee the reliable performance of our air source brushless motor split inverter heat pump unit, HEEALARX utilizes renowned brand components known for their quality and durability. These components include the ALFA LAVAL Plate heater exchanger, WILO Inverter water pump (manufactured in the EU), Panasonic R32 full inverter compressor, and Panasonic inverter fan motor. By selecting these world-famous brand components, we ensure the stability and efficiency of our heat pump unit, providing customers with a reliable and long-lasting heating and cooling solution.

Best quality heat pump components

  • Super Quiet Technology

The outdoor unit of the HEEALARX Air Source Brushless Motor Split Inverter Heat Pump, designed for fan coils, heating, and domestic hot water, features an innovative large-area fan blade. Combined with a DC inverter fan motor, this design significantly reduces the noise generated by the outdoor unit, achieving levels below 40dB. Similarly, the noise level of the indoor unit is reduced to 25dB. The implementation of a Panasonic full inverter evi type compressor and a DC inverter fan motor with a changeable fan speed further contributes to the noise reduction. Additionally, the entire piping and refrigerant system are well insulated, helping to minimize noise levels throughout the heat pump system. As a result, our heat pump system operates at a noise level of less than 40dB, providing a quiet and comfortable environment for users.

Super Low Noise Level Technology

  • R32 Full Inverter Technology

HEEALARX has dedicated eight years to extensive research, design, and technological advancements. Our international engineering team from Singapore and China has successfully mastered the intricacies of mature full inverter technology. This expertise is now applied to our air source brushless motor split inverter heat pump for cold area, designed for fan coils, heating, and domestic hot water. With our cutting-edge technology, we ensure optimal performance and efficiency in providing heating and cooling solutions for our customers.

EVI Heat Pump Water Heater

  • Installation

HEEALARX Full inverter evi air water house heating heat pump is designed for house heating, domestic hot water supply and cooling in low ambient air temperature of -25 centigrade to -35 centigrade.

  • Installation Sketch for house heating, domestic hot water and cooling with buffer tank


  • Installation Sketch  for domestic hot water and house heating with buffer tank9

Full Inverter Air Water House Heating Heat Pump Split Type
Complete model
External model number
Power Supply/380V~50Hz/3Ph
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):7/6℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):40/45℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.8~9.03.8~11.05.5~15.05.5~17.57.3~21.5
Heating Power Input RangekW0.89~2.480.89~3.061.31~4.111.31~4.851.73~5.91
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):7/6℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):30/35℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.7~8.53.7~10.75.2~14.65.2~17.47.0~21.2
Heating Power Input RangekW0.67~1.910.67~2.400.94~3.280.94~3.951.27~4.75
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):-5/-6℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):36/41℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.5~7.04.0~8.54.5~13.05.0~15.05.5~17.0
Heating Power Input RangekW0.91~2.331.06~2.851.17~4.301.30~5.981.40~5.45
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):-12/-13.5℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):36/41℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.0~6.04.0~7.54.0~11.04.5~13.05.0~15.0
Heating Power Input RangekW1.11~2.451.50~3.061.45~4.401.65~5.301.79~5.88
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):-20/~℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):~/41℃
Heating Capacity RangekW2.5~5.03.0~6.03.8~9.54.3~11.04.7~12.5
Heating Power Input RangekW1.04~2.331.26~2.791.59~4.441.80~5.191.92~5.68
Cooling Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):35/24℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):12/7℃
Cooling Capacity RangekW2.3~6.52.3~8.03.2~11.03.2~13.04.5~15.0
Cooling Power Input RangekW0.65~2.450.65~3.040.90~4.100.90~4.961.25~5.68
ErP Level(35℃)/A+++A+++A+++A+++A+++
Water Flow1.
Refrigerant/Proper InputkgR32/1.2kgR32/1.2kgR32/1.8kgR32/1.8kgR32/2.3kg
Sound Pressure At Rated Flow (1m)dB(A)4243454647
Sound Power LevelEN12102 (35℃)dB(A)5759606162
Cabinet Type/Galvanized sheet+ABS
Compressor Brand/Panasonic
Fan Motor Type/DC motor
Operating Ambient Temperature-35~43
Water Connectioninch111.21.21.2
Refrigerant circuit
Liquid Dia(OD):φ9.52  / Gas Dia(OD):φ15.88
Net weightkg657090105115
Unit Dimensions(L/W/H)mm945×440×7501145×440×9501055×440×1400
Shipping Dimensions(L/W/H)mm990×450×9001195×450×11001100×450×1550
The above data is for reference only;specific data is subject to the product nameplate.

HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED, which is professional international manufacturer of high quality full inverter air to water heat pump for house heating cooling, hot water and also swimming pool heating and cooling.

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