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R290 DC Inverter Heat Pump

  • High Efficiency Air Source R290 Inverter Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
    With adoption of natrual propane gas of R290, HEEALARX R290 Inverter Air Source Hot Water Heat Pump becomes one the most eco friendly and high efficiency air to water house heating heat pumps. 1. Adopts R290 propane environment friendly refrigerant. 2. Low GWP value of 3. 3. High water output temperature of 75 Centigrade. 4. CE approved by EUROCERT, legal to sell in EU. 5. A+++ 35 Centigrade output, A++ 55 Centigrade output, can get government refund. 6. Top grade parts of ALFA LAVAL plate heater exchanger, Wilo inverter water pump and Panasonic inverter compressor are in used, quality can be ensured. 7. 3 years warranty for whole units and 5 years warranty for compressors.
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  • Air Source Monoblock R290 Inverter Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
    HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED unveils new generation of Low GWP Monoblock Inverter Air Source Hot Water Heat Pump with natural cooling media of R290 propane gas. 1. Low GPW value of 3 propane refrigerant in use. 2. Greatly reduction of F gases. 3. Comprehensive solution for house heating, cooling and domestic hot water supply. 4. 1 phase and 3 phase models are available, can suit different market need. 5. OEM/ODM is acceptable. 6. Consistent marketing support and also market protection. 7. CE & ERP certified by EUROCERT & TUV SUD.
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  • A+++ Air Source R290 Inverter Heat Pump Central House Heating
    Thanks for the efforts of engineer team of HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED, new generation of A+++ Air Source Inverter Central House Heating Heat Pump With R290 Propane gas comes out. 1. Adoption of R290 Low Global Warming Potential Refrigerant. 2. Enjoy 75 Centigrade High hot water output. 3. Scop up to A+++, reducing your energy bill. 4. Less than 40dB quiet operation. 5. Ideal solutions for house heating, cooling and sanitary hot water supply. 6. Can be used for both old buildings and also new built houses and apartments. 7. Digital Touch Control with wifi
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  • Efficient air to water R290 Inverter Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
    Air to Water R290 Inverter Heat Pump is the next generation house heating heat pump with function of domestic hot water supply with low GWP gas of propane. 1. 75 Centigrade high water output.
    2. Automatic bacteria killing each week.
    3. A+++ Certified by TUV.
    4. Mature full dc inverter technology are in use, ensuring unit work more quiet and smooth.
    5. Both 220v and 380v are available, suiting different market need.
    6. CE certified for full range of split type inverter air water house heating heat pump with evi
    7. Digital touch control/ WIFI
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  • Energy Saving Air Source R290 Inverter Heat Pump Hot Water Heater
    HEEALARX Air Source R290 Propane Inverter Hot Water Heat Pump are with ERP A+++ certified, energy saving! 1. OEM/ODM is acceptable.
    2. 3 years warranty for whole units and 5 years warranty for compressors.
    3. Both single phase and 3 phase model are available.
    4. A+++ Energy saving label verified by TUV.
    5. Eurocert CE certified.
    6. Full DC inverter evi technology, ensuring working in low climate of -35 centigrade.
    7. ALFA LAVAL Plate heater exchanger, WILO inverter water pump, Honeywell 3 way valve and also Panasonic inverter compressor is in use in full range of monoblock type air to water house heating heat pumps.
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  • R290 Full DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump ERP A+++ Design for Europe Air Source Heat Pump Monobloc System with evi
    R290 Propane DC Inverter Air to Water House Heating Heat Pump developed by HEEALARX provides house heating,cooling&domestic hot water supply with 75 Centigrade wateroutput. 1. Low GWP Gas R290. 2. House heating, cooling& DHW 3. 75 Centigrade output water temperature. 4. For house heating, cooling&DHW 5. Mature Full DC Inverter Technology With EVI for house heating, cooling and DHW. 6. A+++ For 35 centigrade output and A++ for 55 centigrade water output. 7. With EVI Technology, can work under -35 centigrade low climate. 8. With WIFI/APP digital control.
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    Q What is the Charging Pressure for R290 Heat Pump?

    A Typically, when charging our R290 refrigerant heat pump,  the approach is to raise the low side pressure to a level approximately 10 pounds below the outside air temperature. For instance, at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the pressure should be brought up to around 70 lbs. This method yields satisfactory results, especially in temperatures up to approximately 85 degrees.
  • What are Advantages of R290 Heat Pump?

    With a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3, R290 full inverter air to water heat pump is considerably less harmful to the environment and climate compared to previous refrigerants. It possesses excellent thermodynamic properties, ensuring high efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, R290 is widely available at affordable prices globally, making it a favorable choice for refrigeration needs.
  • What are the Benefits of R290 Heat Pump?

    Compared to F-gas refrigerants, R290 full inverter heat pump is known for its superior energy efficiency. It is specifically designed to operate efficiently even in colder climates, with the ability to function at temperatures as low as -25°C. This refrigerant can generate heat ranging from 2kw to 24kw and provide hot water temperatures ranging from 22°C to 75°C.
  • How Efficient is R290 Heat Pump?

    The thermodynamic efficiency of R290 refrigerant heat pump is significantly higher than that of traditional refrigerants heat pump, leading to reduced energy consumption and lower operating costs. Additionally, this high efficiency contributes to a more environmentally friendly system.
  • Which Heat Pump Use R290?

    HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED engineer team has successfully developed one type of full inverter air water house heating heat pump that uses new green LOW GWP gas of R290 as refrigerant. Which can produce between 9kw and 22kw for house heating and sanitary hot water to high temperature of 75 Centigrade. 
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HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED, which is professional international manufacturer of high quality full inverter air to water heat pump for house heating cooling, hot water and also swimming pool heating and cooling.

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