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House Heating Heat Pump

With 10 years efforts in heat pump industry, HEEALARX has become one of the most well-trusted full inverter air water house heating heat pump manufacturers in China and Singapore. Our range of full inverter evi air water house heating heat pump covers both monobloc and split type.
Full range of HEEALARX inverter air water house heating heat pump is adopted EVI technology, ensuring the unit can work well under low ambient air temperature -25 centigrade and also even -35 centigrade low temperature operation. With mature full inverter technology, new gas of R32, special wind structure of the unit, our heat pump unit can provide house heating cooling and sanitary hot water with low energy consumption and low noise level.
High quality heat pump components such as: ALFA LAVAL Plate heater exchanger, wilo inverter water pump, Panasonic R32 Inverter compressor are in used in our whole range of house heating heat pumps. Are you looking for the best house heating heat pump suppliers? Contact us today and we will help you manufacture house heating heat pumps that will boost your business!
Full inverter air to water house heating heat pump with evi of HEEALARX can be widely used for application of house heating, cooling and sanitary hot water supply during low ambient temperature of -25 centigrade.

How Is HEEALARX Full Inverter Air Water House Heating Heat Pump Made Of?

Our manufacturing processes for full inverter air water house heating heat pump are strictly regulated to ensure that we can always offer quality products to all our customers. Besides this, we also work with the world famous heat pump components supplier such as: AFLA LAVAL plate heater exchanger, WILO inverter water pumps, Panasonic inverter compressor R32, Panasonic inverter fan motors, ensuring that all of our full inverter air to water house heating heat pumps are manufactured with best quality.

Why Choose HEEALARX Full Inverter EVI Air Water House Heating Heat Pump?

A+++ Energy Label

HEEALARX full inverter evi air to water house heating heat pump is specially developed with the most cutting-edge heat pump technology and modern special structure to meet stringent requirements for efficiency, stability, quietness and also good performance during low ambient air temperature. Both model of monobloc type full inverter air water house heating pump and split type full inverter air water house heating heat pump are rated with A+++ energy label. With top energy rating A+++, the unit is energy efficient and can greatly reduce energy bills for users.

Mature Full Inverter Technology

After 8 years of research, designing and advancement by our international engineer team from Singapore and China, HEEALARX has fully mastered the secret of the mature full inverter technology and also it has applied to our different category of heat pump products, including swimming pool heat pump, house heating and cooling heat pump monobloc and split type, and commercial type pool heat pumps. With mature full inverter technology the energy efficiency of our full range of heat pump can be improved up to 20%-60% more, bringing great energy savings and also cost savings to our customers.

Evi Technlogy

All product range of monobloc full inverter air water house heating heat pump and split full inverter house heating heat pump of HEEALARX is adopted evi technology to ensure that heat pump can work well under -35 centigrade low ambient temperature.

R32 New Gas Application

R32 is a next generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has lower environmental impact. As the international leading brand, 90% of HEEALARX heat pump products use R32 as refrigerant, outstanding lead the whole heat pump industry.

Warranty Policy

HEEALARX offers 3 years warranty for the whole units and also 8 years for the compressors for all the full inverter air water house heating heat pump products we supply. HEEALARX will offer free spare parts, in-time technical support and also labor cost compensation for any claims during warranty period.

Become Partner of HEEALARX for Full Inverter House Heating Heat Pump

HEEALARX offers our partners for full inverter house heating heat pump both monobloc and split type at attractive price and also best quality. HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED is an international manufacturing group with financial office both in Singapore and Hongkong, manufacturing base in Guangdong Dongguan. We can manufacture and delivery 5000-8000pcs of house heating heat pump per month.
Benefits of becoming a partner of HEEALARX:

Benefits for OEM/ODM partners

 Produce European standard products under partner’s brand or logo.
 Customize the appearance, color and materials to meet partners’specific needs.
 Customize the specifications on the basis of partners’own design.
 Manufacture full inverter swimming pool heat pumps at competitive prices to ensure high profit margins for partners.
Sign a non-disclosure agreement with our OEM/ODM partner.

Benefits for HEEALARX brand partners

Provide complete sales and marketing tools, including catalogue, flyers, high resolution product images for promotions.
According to the different seasons and customer demands, HEEALARX will provide corresponding promotion strategies to help HEEALARX partners explore more sales opportunites.
Strictly implement the management policy of distributors/resellers based on the contracts on mutual sides.
Every year HEEALARX will invest in global marketing to help improve the brand awareness for our house heating heat pump products in local areas.
Consult Your Inverter Heat Pump Experts In HEEALARX
HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED, which is professional international manufacturer of high quality full inverter air to water heat pump for house heating cooling, hot water and also swimming pool heating and cooling.

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