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Eco-friendly House Heating Heat Pump For Clubs

1. A+++ Energy Label certified by TUV.

2. 220V/380V are available

3. Capacity range from 9kw to 22kw

4. R32 full inverter evi technology is in use.

5. With ALFA LAVAL Plate heater exchanger

6. Panasonic twin rotary compressor with evi

7. CE approval for whole range

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  • Brief Introduction

HEEALARX Split Full Inverter Evi Air Water Eco Friendly House Heating Heat Pump for Clubs unit has been developed with the idea in mind for maximum possible energy savings, through its ultra high SCOP rating and quiet operation. Latest development in R32 EVI DC Inverter technologies and their application in various internal components, such as compressor, fan and water pump, has been the major player in the market success of eco friendly inverter air to water house heating heat pump for clubs series.

R32 Inverter Heat Pump

Features of HEEALARX Inverter Air Water House Heating Heat Pump Split Type

  • A+++ Energy Level

HEEALARX  split type full inverter eco friendly air water  house heating heat pump for clubs, apartments and houses  is designed for the high end European market. It has been given an A+++ energy label due to its advanced full inverter evi technology and top-notch product structure. By using the best quality components, we have ensured that our unit is not only highly energy efficient but also cost-effective for customers. In fact, it currently holds the highest energy rating of A+++. Additionally, our full range of split type full inverter air to water heat pumps with evi technology have successfully passed erp testing in TUV lab. These pumps are capable of achieving a 35 centigrade water output, which qualifies them for the A+++ Energy label.

A+++Air to Water House Heating Heat Pump

  • R32 Low GWP Refrigerant

New gas of R32 environment friendly green gas is in use helps our HEEALARX inverter heat pumps operate more cleanly and effectively, which has less harmful effects on the atmosphere with lower carbon emissions and zero ozone depleting potential.

R32 Inverter Heat Pump

  • Anti-freezing protection

Consisting of an indoor unit that blows air over evaporator coils and an outdoor unit that powers the system, split heat pumps have many advantages to offer homeowners. For example, the split model design can better avoid freezing problems. The system will implement automatic anti-freezing protection by detecting system water temperature.

Anti-freezing protection Heat Pump

  • With Intelligent Defrosting

HEEALARX split  inverter heat pump serise adopt the intelligent defrosting technology to make optimal decisions on whether it is time to defrost or not.In this way, the unit is able to minimize energy consumption and improve customer satisfaction

SPLIT intelligent fefrosting

  • Stable Running at -35℃ Low Ambient Temperature

Under low ambient Temperature, the performance of normal inverter heat pumps will be limited. Firstly , the heating ability, the lower the ambient temperature, the weaker the heating ability. Secondly , reliability, low temperature environment will affect the stability of the machine and operation reliability. Thirdly, the operating width and safety range will affect the performance of the heat pump. Thanks to the unique Inverter EVI technology,  HEEALARX split type full inverter air to water eco friendly house heating heat pump for clubs  can operate efficiently at -35°C, maintain high COP and reliable stability.

Stable Running at -35℃ Low Ambient Temperature

  • Smart Digital Touch Control

HEEALARX full inverter evi air to water split type house heating heat heat pump has a high-end controller with digital colorful touch screen, which is one of the highlights of this trendy heat pump product. It is incredibly convenient for users from different countries that multi language function can be chosen.

WIFI Control Heat Pump

  • Mature full inverter technology:

After 8 years of research, designing and advancement by our international engineer team from Singapore and China, HEEALARX has fully mastered the secret of the mature full inverter technology and also it has applied to our product of split type full inverter house heating and cooling heat pump.

EVI Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump

  • Quiet Running

Thanks to the unique soundproof internal structure, the sound pressure of HEEALARX Split Full Inverter Air to Water Eco Friendly House Heating Heat Pump for clubs is kept to as low as 40dB(A) at 1 meter distance (Min. Flow).

Super Low Noise Heat Pump

  • Top Brand Inverter Heat Pump Parts

As to ensure the stable performance of the heat pump units, HEEALARX split full inverter air water eco friendly house heating heat pump for clubs adopts best quality heat pump components such as: ALFA LAVAL Plate heater exchanger, WILO Inverter water pump made in EU, Panasonic R32 full inverter compressor and Panasonic inverter fan motor etc.

Best quality heat pump components

  • Installation

HEEALARX Full inverter evi air water house heating heat pump is designed for house heating, domestic hot water supply and cooling in low ambient air temperature of -25 centigrade to -35 centigrade.

  • Installation Sketch for house heating, domestic hot water and cooling with buffer tank


  • Installation Sketch for domestic hot water and house heating with buffer tank


Full Inverter Air Water House Heating Heat Pump Split Type
Complete model
External model number
Power Supply/380V~50Hz/3Ph
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):7/6℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):40/45℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.8~9.03.8~11.05.5~15.05.5~17.57.3~21.5
Heating Power Input RangekW0.89~2.480.89~3.061.31~4.111.31~4.851.73~5.91
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):7/6℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):30/35℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.7~8.53.7~10.75.2~14.65.2~17.47.0~21.2
Heating Power Input RangekW0.67~1.910.67~2.400.94~3.280.94~3.951.27~4.75
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):-5/-6℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):36/41℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.5~7.04.0~8.54.5~13.05.0~15.05.5~17.0
Heating Power Input RangekW0.91~2.331.06~2.851.17~4.301.30~5.981.40~5.45
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):-12/-13.5℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):36/41℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.0~6.04.0~7.54.0~11.04.5~13.05.0~15.0
Heating Power Input RangekW1.11~2.451.50~3.061.45~4.401.65~5.301.79~5.88
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):-20/~℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):~/41℃
Heating Capacity RangekW2.5~5.03.0~6.03.8~9.54.3~11.04.7~12.5
Heating Power Input RangekW1.04~2.331.26~2.791.59~4.441.80~5.191.92~5.68
Cooling Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):35/24℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):12/7℃
Cooling Capacity RangekW2.3~6.52.3~8.03.2~11.03.2~13.04.5~15.0
Cooling Power Input RangekW0.65~2.450.65~3.040.90~4.100.90~4.961.25~5.68
ErP Level(35℃)/A+++A+++A+++A+++A+++
Water Flow1.
Refrigerant/Proper InputkgR32/1.2kgR32/1.2kgR32/1.8kgR32/1.8kgR32/2.3kg
Sound Pressure At Rated Flow (1m)dB(A)4243454647
Sound Power LevelEN12102 (35℃)dB(A)5759606162
Cabinet Type/Galvanized sheet+ABS
Compressor Brand/Panasonic
Fan Motor Type/DC motor
Operating Ambient Temperature-35~43
Water Connectioninch111.21.21.2
Refrigerant circuit
Liquid Dia(OD):φ9.52  / Gas Dia(OD):φ15.88
Net weightkg657090105115
Unit Dimensions(L/W/H)mm945×440×7501145×440×9501055×440×1400
Shipping Dimensions(L/W/H)mm990×450×9001195×450×11001100×450×1550
The above data is for reference only;specific data is subject to the product nameplate.

HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED, which is professional international manufacturer of high quality full inverter air to water heat pump for house heating cooling, hot water and also swimming pool heating and cooling.

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