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  • The Conduct of Inverter Air Water Heat Pump Monoblock Type


    The triple system includes the main unit part including pumps, expansion tanks, etc. The indoor end part including line controllers, etc. The indoor floor heating part including distributors and thermostats, etc. And the central hot water part including tanks, return water controls, etc. A triple-su Read More
  • The advantage of monoblock heat pump for house heating


    If you want to beat the cold and enjoy the comfort, of course you should choose an air source heat pump that is healthy, comfortable and energy efficient. When it comes to air source heat pump products, small house users are worried about the small space and inconvenient installation of their homes. Read More
  • Principles and Advantages of The Split Heat Pump


    The split heat pump type air conditioner is also a type of air conditioner belonging to the cooling and heating type. It is characterised by a particularly high heating efficiency, with an energy efficiency ratio of not less than 4. The heating does not require the addition of electric auxiliary hea Read More
  • The Advantage of Full Inverter Air Water Heat Pump Split Type


    Air water heat pump split type are widely used in China's HVAC and hot water supply. In recent years, air-to-water heat pump heating systems have been recognized as one of the effective alternatives to bulk coal heating in cold northern regions in winter. Read More
  • Advantages of All in One Heat Pump


    As an important category of air source all in one heat pump products, the monoblock heat pumpwater heater has unique advantages compared to split products. Here is the content list:Advantages Impact on the industryFunction Advantages The integral design of the water heater tank and the heat pump he Read More
  • Tips for buying air source heat pumps


    Many users are not sure about the specifics of heating equipment like air source heat pumps. And prior knowledge of the selection techniques will help in the selection of air source heat pumps. Next, we will introduce in detail the selection techniques of air source heat pumps. Here is the content l Read More
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It’s wonderful to witness the growing demand for heat pumps in Europe and the rising popularity of heat pumps with inverter technology and high energy efficiency ratings. The sales of heat pumps in Europe have reached a record-breaking 3 million units sold in 2022, indicating a significant market opportunity for heat pump manufacturers.

If you are searching for a reliable supplier of high-efficiency heat pumps, HEEALARX may be the suitable partner for your requirements. They offer the Full Inverter Evi Air To Water House Heating Heat Pump , which not only provides heating but also cooling and domestic hot water functionalities. HEEALARX’s heat pumps are designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, aligning with the increasing focus on sustainability and reducing carbon footprints.

Considering the projected upward trend in heat pump sales for the next two decades, investing in heat pump technology can be a wise business decision. It not only addresses the current demand for energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions but also contributes to a cleaner and greener future.

Super Silent Full inverter air source swimming pool heat pump horizontal type is a combination of all the modern elements, especially for European market, such as, France, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Replubic, Germany, Norway, Spain etc. High efficiency titanium heater exchanger, eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant, full dc inverter technology, low noise technology, modern appearance are just highlights of this type of full inverter swimming pool heat pump HEEALARX series.
Super Silent Full inverter air source swimming pool heat pump vertical type is currently the top products for HEEALARX. Its well designed appearance and strong performance make it an ideal choice for users with high swimming pool heating demarnds.

1. A+++ ERP certified by TUV.

2. 220v and 380v are available.

3. Low GWP gas of R32 or R290

4. Panasonic twin rotary compressor for outdoor unit.

5. Both 220v and 380v model are available for full range of split type full inverter air water heat pumps.

6. With Full inverter evi technology, ensuring working in low climate of -35 centigrade.

7. Provide solutions for house heating, cooling and also domestic hot water supply.

8. Full range of split inverter air to water house heating heat pump is with CE certified.

HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED, which is professional international manufacturer of high quality full inverter air to water heat pump for house heating cooling, hot water and also swimming pool heating and cooling.

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