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The Advantage of Full Inverter Air Water Heat Pump Split Type

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Air water heat pump split type are widely used in China's HVAC and hot water supply. In recent years, air-to-water heat pump heating systems have been recognized as one of the effective alternatives to bulk coal heating in cold northern regions in winter.


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The air-to-water heat pump is another common form of air-source heat pump chiller and differs from the air-to-air heat pump in that the indoor side uses a heat pump mass and water as the heat exchanger. In winter, it operates on a heating cycle, supplying hot water for air conditioning and heating. At the same time, it can be used in combination with a solar water heater to produce hot water. In summer, the heat pump operates in a cooling cycle, supplying cold water for air conditioning. Switching between the heating and cooling cycles is achieved by changing the flow of the heat pump refrigerant through a reversing valve.



To solve the problem of safe and efficient operation of air-to-water heat pump in extremely cold weather, three systems have been developed. The first is a combined heat pump system with soil thermal storage. The air-to-water heat pump is sized according to the thermal load of the building at the equilibrium point temperature, while the water-to-water heat pump is sized according to the peak load. The latter is used for auxiliary heating. Next is the two-stage heat pump system with inter-cooling. When the outdoor temperature is high, through the one-way valve circuit, each compressor (high-pressure level, low-pressure level) can be an independent single-stage operation. This can change the capacity of the heat pump and reduce energy consumption. Finally, single and double-stage coupled heat pump heating systems are often used in colder regions. When the outdoor temperature is higher than or equal to 3℃, the system operates as a single-stage air-to-water heat pump. Then it can provide hot water directly to the user at around 45℃. When the outdoor temperature is lower than 3℃, the system operates as a single-stage air-to-water heat pump. When the outdoor temperature is below 1.3℃, the system operates as a two-stage: air-to-water heat pump + water-to-water heat pump. The so-called two-stage operation mode means that the water loop couples two single-stage heat pumps to form a two-stage heat pump heating system suitable for applications in cold regions. The system is suitable for medium and large-scale buildings in cold regions, with a high-efficiency air source heat pump heating system.  



The full inverter air water heat pump split type heating system should operate with the highest possible energy efficiency ratio and with a particularly good operating economy. Therefore, a suitable heat distribution system must be selected so that the heat is delivered to the heated rooms at the lowest possible supply temperature. Air-to-water heat pump heating systems improve heat transfer efficiency and save energy when cooling and heating.It also speeds up defrosting, saving defrosting time and defrosting energy, and are new energy-saving split heat pumps.


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