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HEEALARX, Your Best Partner of Heat Pump Manufacturer

HEEALARX has been in the heat pump manufacturing industry for 10 years experience and has adopted modern manufacturing equipment and procedure with a group of professional and experienced engineer to keep the heat pump production efficient and also high quality. Besides this, mature full inverter technology, R32 new refrigerant, Evi technology are in used in full range of heat pump products, complying with European standard and also A+++ ERP certified by TUV, adding more value to HEEALARX full range of heat pump products and also quality assurance.

HEEALARX provides high quality international standard heat pump products, covering full range of inverter heat pump for both house heating and also swimming pool heating. High quality of international standard components such as: ALFA LAVAL plate heater exchanger, WILO inverter water pump, Panasonic R32 inverter compressor and also Panasonic inverter fan motor are in used in full range of heat pump products. With modern design of whole system and appearance, strict product manufacturing and quality control process, HEEALARX can manufacture heat pump products complying with international standard of EU.

House Heating Heat Pump

HEEALARX full inverter air water house heating heat pump is the combination of all advanced technology especially for European market such as Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Netherlands ETC. Patented modern design, eco friendly R32 refrigerant, full DC inverter, low noise technology, EVI technology for cold climate running and also famous brand components are in used are just highlights of this type of powerful heat pumps with range of both monobloc and split type.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

As to provide luxurious heating solution for swimming pool, HEEALARX full inverter swimming pool heat pump has been thoroughly concepted and designed to meet the global need of luxurious full inverter swimming pool heat pump with character of super low noise level, high heating efficiency, new environment friendly gas of R32 , modern patented design and also digital touch control with WIFI.

Highlights Of HEEALARX Full Inverter Heat Pumps

Mature Full Inverter Technology

After 8 years of research, designing and advancement by our international engineer team from Singapore and China, HEEALARX has fully mastered the secret of the mature full inverter technology and also it has applied to our different category of heat pump products, including swimming pool heat pump, house heating and cooling heat pump monobloc and split type, and commercial type pool heat pumps. With mature full inverter technology the energy efficiency of our full range of heat pump can be improved up to 20%-60% more, bringing great energy savings and also cost savings to our customers.

R32 New Gas Application

R32 is a next generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has lower environmental impact. As the international leading brand, 90% of HEEALARX heat pump products use R32 as refrigerant, outstanding lead the whole heat pump industry.

Evi Technlogy

All product range of monobloc full inverter air water house heating heat pump and split full inverter house heating heat pump of HEEALARX is adopted evi technology to ensure that heat pump can work well under -35 centigrade low ambient temperature.

Super Silent Technology

HEEALARX full inverter air source heat pump adopts HEEALARX patented air flow and noise reduction system which is several years of experiments and application in the market, proving to be highly efficient in heat exchange and also outstandingly super silent during operation of both house heating and swimming pool heating/cooling.

Warranty Policy

HEEALARX offers 3 years warranty for the whole units and also 8 years for the compressors for all the full inverter air water house heating heat pump products we supply. HEEALARX will offer free spare parts, in-time technical support and also labor cost compensation for any claims during warranty period.

Heat Pump FAQS

  • Q What Approval Do HEEALARX Inverter Heat Pump Have?

    A As to meet the European market requirement, full range of HEEALARX Monoblock Inverter Air Water Heat Pumps have got CE certified by Eurocert and ERP certified A+++ by TUV. 
  • Q What Types of HEEALARX Inverter Air Water Heat Pumps?

    A HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED is professional manufacture for inverter heat pumps with 10 years history and experience in this field. For Inverter Heat Pumps, if divided by gas, it can have 2 types, one is R32 DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump for house heating, cooling and hot water supply, the other is R290 DC Inverter Air to Water House Heating Heat Pumps. If divided by design, also have 2 types, one is Monoblock DC Inverter Air Water House Heating Heat Pumps and the other is Split DC Inverter Air Water Heat Pumps.
  • Q What Are The Benefits of HEEALARX Inverter Heat Pump?

    A HEEALARX Full DC Inverter Heat Pumps adopt full inverter technology, allowing for higher compressor heating speeds at lower ambient air temperatures, without putting extra strain on the heat pump units or potentially causing long term damage to the compressor. With this innovative inverter technology, homeowners of HEEALARX Full Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump in different climates can also experience the benefits of HEEALARX Inverter Heat Pump listed below:
    1. Heating Up Quickly: For traditional on/off Air to Water Heat Pump, it take rather long time to reach the set water temperature. HEEALARX Full DC Inverter Air to Water Heat pump can work in high rotation speeds of inverter driven system, allowing for quick and efficient house heating, cooling and hot water supply.
    2. Energy Saving: For HEEALARX DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump can achieve A+++ energy label with its variable speed inverter technology.
    3. Low Noise Level: HEEALARX Inverter Air Water Heat Pump is with full inverter technology and unit can work in very low noise level. 
  • Q How Does HEEALARX Inverter Heat Pump Work?

    A HEEALARX Inverter Heat Pumps work by drawing energy from outdoor air using refrigerant of low GWP gas such as R32 or R290 to bring that air inside and keep your home warm or provide hot water supply during the winter. During the hot summer time, however, you can revert this cycle, pushing heat out from your home and cooling the air inside of it.
    HEEALARX Inverter Heat pumps, unlike standard heat pump and furnaces, offer you a high level of energy efficiency, which helps to keep your energy bills low each month. Also variable-speed of HEEALARX inverter heat pump maximizes this efficiency, and minimizes the amount of energy that would otherwise be lost during the refrigerant cycle.
  • Q What is HEEALARX Inverter Heat Pumps?

    A HEEALARX Inverter Heat Pump is one sort of R32 Full DC Inverter Air to Water Heat pump which is for house heating, cooling and domestic hot water supply, with full inverter technology, also known as variable speed heat pumps. HEEALARX inverter heat pump does not turn on and off frequently, but for instead it can work at variable speeds. As for HEEALARX Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump can analyze the ambient air temperature conditions inside the home intelligently, adjusting its power output from 10% to 100% as system needed automatically. 
  • Q What is the Efficiency of HEEALARX Split Inverter Air Water Heat Pump?

    A The HEEALARX Split Inverter Air Water Heat Pump has successfully achieved the ERP A+++ energy class certification from TUV after rigorous testing. This certification acknowledges its exceptional energy efficiency. Notably, the heat pump attains an A+++ energy efficiency grade at 35°C and remains highly efficient with an A++ grade even at 55°C. Furthermore, it boasts an impressive SCOP (Seasonal Coefficient of Performance) rating of up to 4.85, ensuring optimal performance and ultra-high energy efficiency.
  • Q What are the Parts Using for HEEALARX Split Inverter Air Water Heat Pump?

    A  As to ensure the stable working of heat pump unit with high efficiency, HEEALARX Split Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump adopts world famous components including: Panasonic twin rotary compressor with evi, ALFA LAVAL plate heater exchanger, Wilo inverter water pump, Panasonic inverter fan motor, Honeywell 3 way water valve, etc. 
  • Q What is the Advantage of Split Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump?

    A The split inverter air-to-water heat pump offers several advantages: 1. Energy efficiency: The inverter technology allows the heat pump to adjust its speed and output, resulting in more precise temperature control and reduced energy consumption. 2. Heating and cooling: The heat pump can both heat and cool the indoor space, providing year-round comfort and eliminating the need for separate heating and cooling systems. 3. Flexibility in installation: The split system design separates the indoor and outdoor units, providing flexibility in installation options. This allows for easier integration into existing buildings or new construction projects. 4. Zoning capabilities: The heat pump can be connected to multiple indoor units, allowing for individual temperature control in different zones or rooms. This enhances comfort and energy efficiency by only heating or cooling the areas that are occupied. 5. Reduced reliance on fossil fuels: By utilizing the heat from the outdoor air, the heat pump reduces the need for traditional fossil fuel-based heating systems, leading to lower carbon emissions and environmental impact. 6. Cost savings: The energy efficiency and precise temperature control of the split inverter heat pump can result in lower energy bills compared to traditional heating and cooling systems. 7. Less noise: The split design separates the noisy components, such as the compressor, to the outdoor unit, reducing the noise level inside the building. Overall, the split inverter air-to-water heat pump offers improved energy efficiency, comfort control, flexibility, and cost savings compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.

Consult Your Inverter Heat Pump Experts In HEEALARX

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HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED, which is professional international manufacturer of high quality full inverter air to water heat pump for house heating cooling, hot water and also swimming pool heating and cooling.

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