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Principles and Advantages of The Split Heat Pump

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The split heat pump type air conditioner is also a type of air conditioner belonging to the cooling and heating type. It is characterised by a particularly high heating efficiency, with an energy efficiency ratio of not less than 4. The heating does not require the addition of electric auxiliary heaters, which is the first level of energy efficiency for heating. However, its cooling efficiency is poor, often only reaching the high point of the third level of energy efficiency value. Split heat pump-type air conditioners are mainly used for heating in the winter in the north.


Here is the content list:

  • Components

  • Working principle

  • Advantages



The split heat pump is divided into an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is the condensing unit, which is an air conditioner like an external unit. The indoor unit is the compressor and other components. The split Inverter heat pump consists of an indoor unit located inside the building and an outdoor unit for heat exchange with the air. The main components of the indoor unit include the water/refrigerant plate exchanger, circulation pump, water flow switch, expansion tank, exhaust valve and safety valve. The outdoor unit consists of a compressor, a refrigerant circulation pump, an expansion valve and a fan for heat exchange with the refrigerant fluid through the external air. The two units are connected by high-pressure refrigerant pipes. Overall the same structure as the air conditioner. It is also the most common type of air conditioner on the market.


Working principle

In summer, the split heat pump air conditioner cools indoors and dissipates heat outdoors. While in winter, it heats indoors and cools outdoors to achieve heating.

Depending on the requirements of the population, air conditioners can be single cooling, heat pump, partial recovery, or full heat recovery. The performance of each type is different, so special attention should be paid. But no matter which one you choose, make sure that the air conditioner is produced by a major brand, which will bring better quality and prevent water damage. In this case, our company is your best choice.



Firstly, the structure is simple. The split air conditioning structure is relatively simple and easy to install. After purchasing the air conditioner you can install it on-site and it will soon be ready for use. At the same time, it is flexible in operation. A split air conditioner with one indoor unit corresponds to one outdoor unit and is easy to operate. So you can choose to switch on and off the air conditioner in any room at any time. Split heat pump have a certain volume and will take up a certain amount of space. The condenser tube connecting the indoor unit to the outdoor unit will be exposed in the room, affecting the interior decoration style. Split air conditioners generally do not have a high energy consumption ratio and are not energy-saving products. 80% of split air conditioners on the market now use CFCs as refrigerants, which seriously damages the ozone layer in the atmosphere.


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