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DC Inverter EVI Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels

Hello! It’s great to see the increasing demand for heat pumps in Europe and the popularity of heat pumps with inverter technology and high energy efficiency ratings. The sales growth of heat pumps in Europe, reaching a record of 3 million units sold in 2022, indicates a significant market opportunity for heat pump manufacturers.

If you’re in search of a reliable supplier for high-efficiency heat pumps, HEEALARX could be a suitable partner for your requirements. They offer the DC Inverter EVI  Air Water House Heating Heat Pump, which not only provides heating but also cooling and domestic hot water functionalities. HEEALARX’s heat pumps are designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, aligning with the increasing focus on sustainability and reducing carbon footprints.

Considering the projected upward trend in heat pump sales for the next two decades, investing in heat pump technology can be a wise business decision. It not only addresses the current demand for energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions but also contributes to a cleaner and greener future.

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HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED offers the DC Inverter EVI  Air Water House Heating Heat Pump, a cutting-edge and environmentally friendly solution for residential heating, cooling, and domestic hot water supply. This advanced heat pump features ALFA LAVAL plate heat exchangers and a Panasonic twin rotary compressor, ensuring reliable and efficient performance. It utilizes the eco-friendly refrigerant R32, which has a low global warming potential (GWP), reducing its impact on the environment. With its impressive ERP A+++ efficiency rating, certified by TUV LAB, this heat pump is a sustainable and energy-efficient choice for residential heating and cooling requirements.

DC Inverter EVI Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels Details

Why Choose HEEALARX Monobloc Inverter Air Source House Heating Heat Pump?

  • Remarkable Modern Design With Digital Control

HEEALARX’s success in the rapidly growing European market can be attributed to the exceptional and groundbreaking design of their heat pump units. This achievement is the result of extensive market research and the unwavering dedication of HEEALARX’s engineering team.

The design of HEEALARX’s heat pumps is contemporary and unmatched, setting them apart from competitors. Taking inspiration from the sleek design of their split air-to-water heat pump units for residential heating, the outdoor unit of the DC Inverter EVI  Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels features a dynamic fan grill that seamlessly blends into its surroundings.

This meticulous attention to design not only enhances the visual appeal of the heat pump unit but also ensures optimal performance and efficiency. HEEALARX recognizes the importance of aesthetics in the current market and strives to provide products that not only excel in functionality but also embody style and modernity.

By incorporating advanced technology, energy efficiency, and innovative design, HEEALARX’s heat pumps meet the needs of customers while also contributing to a sustainable and visually appealing future.

If you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

DC Inverter EVI Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels Details

  • A+++ ERP Certified by TUV Lab

HEEALARX presents the A+++ Anti-Corrosion DC Inverter EVI  Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels, an innovative solution that effectively utilizes renewable energy from the surrounding air to provide efficient residential heating, cooling, and hot water supply. This cutting-edge heat pump boasts an impressive 75% renewable energy extraction rate, resulting in a remarkable energy efficiency with only 25% electricity consumption.

To demonstrate its commitment to energy efficiency, the HEEALARX heat pump has been awarded the prestigious A+++ energy label for space heating. It has undergone rigorous ERP test reports and received official certification from TUV SUD, ensuring compliance with the stringent standards set by EN14825 and EN14511.

By opting for the HEEALARX DC Inverter EVI  Air Water House Heating Heat Pump, you can have confidence in selecting a reliable and environmentally friendly solution that meets the highest industry standards.

DC Inverter EVI Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels Details

  • ULTRA Low Noise Level

The quiet operation of this heat pump is achieved by incorporating state-of-the-art components, such as a twin rotary compressor with Panasonic inverter technology, an inverter fan motor, and a specially designed insulation foaming system. These advanced features not only improve the performance of the heat pump but also guarantee a peaceful and comfortable living environment for heating, cooling, and hot water requirements.

DC Inverter EVI Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels Details

  • Mature Variable Speed Inverter Technology with EVI

The HEEALARX Smart Inverter EVI  Air Water House Heating Heat Pump is a revolutionary and advanced product that is specifically designed for residential heating, cooling, and hot water supply. It utilizes cutting-edge variable speed inverter technology, giving users ultimate control and maximizing efficiency. Equipped with a Panasonic twin-rotary compressor and an inverter brushless motor with EVI technology, this heat pump dynamically adjusts its operation to meet specific heating requirements, ensuring optimal electricity consumption.

One of the key advantages of the HEEALARX Smart Inverter EVI  Air Water House Heating Heat Pump is its ability to deliver significant energy savings and reduce overall energy costs for homeowners. Additionally, it provides exceptional heating and cooling comfort, allowing users to maintain a pleasant indoor environment all year round.

An outstanding feature of this heat pump is its WIFI APP Control, which enables convenient system control and monitoring through smartphones or tablets. With this feature, homeowners can easily adjust settings, create temperature schedules, and receive real-time updates on the system’s performance.

In summary, the HEEALARX Smart Inverter EVI  Air Water House Heating Heat Pump is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking energy-efficient solutions and enhanced comfort. With its advanced control capabilities and superior performance, it offers optimal heating and cooling experiences.

DC Inverter EVI Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels Details

  • Top Grade Parts Using

At HEEALARX, we take great pride in delivering exceptional quality through our DC Inverter EVI  Air Water House Heating Heat Pump. What sets us apart in the market is our unwavering dedication to utilizing premium components in our heat pumps. Our units are equipped with high-quality components, such as the ALFA LAVAL plate heat exchanger, Panasonic twin rotary inverter compressor with EVI technology, Panasonic inverter fan motor, and Mitsubishi inverter module. These components guarantee reliable and consistent performance, making our Monobloc Inverter Heat Pump products truly outstanding.

Moreover, our heat pumps are specifically tailored for residential use, effectively addressing the heating, cooling, and hot water needs of households. We understand the importance of providing a versatile and efficient solution that caters to homeowners’ requirements. Additionally, our DC Inverter EVI  Air Water House Heating Heat Pumps are engineered to withstand challenging environmental conditions and minimize the need for maintenance. This ensures long-lasting durability and utmost customer satisfaction.

In summary, our commitment to utilizing top-of-the-line components, catering to residential applications, and ensuring durability truly sets us apart at HEEALARX.

DC Inverter EVI Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels Details

  • Ideal Heating Source To Replace Gas Boiler

The HEEALARX DC Inverter EVI  Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels is a state-of-the-art solution specifically designed for modern homes constructed between 1990 and 2000. It offers a superior alternative to traditional gas boilers, prioritizing efficient house heating, cooling, and the supply of domestic hot water. This heat pump is compatible with both underfloor heating systems and low-temperature radiators.

These cutting-edge heat pumps are exclusively manufactured in China for the European market. Engineered in Singapore, they are meticulously tailored to meet the diverse climate requirements of Europe throughout the year.

If you require additional information or have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

DC Inverter EVI Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels Details

  • Smart Home WIFI/APP Control

I appreciate your acknowledgement of the design features of HEEALARX’s DC Inverter EVI  Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels. This heat pump integrates seamlessly with your smart home system, offering innovative solutions. With its WiFi connectivity, users can easily control and monitor the heat pump using their smartphones. Furthermore, the heat pump provides a remote diagnostic feature, enabling troubleshooting from any location, ensuring prompt support and maintenance.

DC Inverter EVI Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels Details

  • Automatic Defrosting, Ensuring Low Temperature Working

The HEEALARX DC Inverter EVI Air Water House Heating Heat Pump offers a superb option for residential heating and hot water needs. It presents a sustainable and environmentally conscious solution, prioritizing energy efficiency and eco-friendliness, making it an excellent choice for homeowners.

This heat pump is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including features like automatic defrosting and the ability to adapt to changing air temperatures, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in any condition. By utilizing heat from the outdoor air, it effectively generates heat and hot water, even in extremely low temperatures as low as -25°C.

With its impressive A+++ energy efficiency rating, the HEEALARX heat pump not only helps reduce energy consumption but also contributes to lower utility costs. It provides a dependable and comfortable heating and hot water solution for residential use.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

DC Inverter EVI Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels Details

  • Installation

HEELARX  monoblock full inverter air water heat pumps can provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water. Floor heating loops is used for space heating while fancoil unit can be used for space heating and cooling.
Domestic hot water is supplied from the domestic hot water tank connected to the heat pump.

  • Installation with Multi Functional TankDC Inverter EVI Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels Details

  • Traditional Installation

DC Inverter EVI Air Water House Heating Heat Pump for residential hotels Details

Full Inverter Air Water House Heating Heat Pump Monobloc Type
Power Supply/220V-240V~50Hz/1Ph380V-420~50Hz/3Ph
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):7/6℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):40/45℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.8~9.03.8~11.05.5~15.05.5~17.57.3~21.59.5~24.59.5~29.212.5~33.3
Heating Power Input RangekW0.89~2.480.89~3.061.31~4.111.31~4.851.73~5.912.26~6.692.26~8.112.98~9.22
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):7/6℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):30/35℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.7~8.53.7~10.75.2~14.65.2~17.47.0~21.29.0~24.39.0~29.412.2~33.2
Heating Power Input RangekW0.67~1.910.67~2.400.94~3.280.94~3.951.27~4.751.60~5.491.60~6.612.20~7.53
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):-5/-6℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):36/41℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.5~7.04.0~8.54.5~13.05.0~15.05.5~17.08.5~20.59.0~23.010.0~26.0
Heating Power Input RangekW0.91~2.331.06~2.851.17~4.301.30~5.981.40~5.452.16~6.832.23~7.592.47~8.38
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):-12/-13.5℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):36/41℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.0~6.04.0~7.54.0~11.04.5~13.05.0~15.08.0~18.09.0~21.09.8~24.0
Heating Power Input RangekW1.11~2.451.50~3.061.45~4.401.65~5.301.79~5.882.88~7.203.27~8.473.54~9.64
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):-20/~℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):~/41℃
Heating Capacity RangekW2.5~5.03.0~6.03.8~9.54.3~11.04.7~12.57.5~15.09.0~18.09.5~21.0
Heating Power Input RangekW1.04~2.331.26~2.791.59~4.441.80~5.191.92~5.683.13~6.913.78~8.374.03~9.86
Cooling Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):35/24℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):12/7℃
Cooling Capacity RangekW2.3~6.52.3~8.03.2~11.03.2~13.04.5~15.05.5~18.05.5~21.07.6~24.0
Cooling Power Input RangekW0.65~2.450.65~3.040.90~4.100.90~4.961.25~5.681.52~6.671.52~7.922.15~8.99
ErP Level(35℃)/A+++A+++A+++A+++A+++A+++A+++A+++
Water Flow1.
Refrigerant/Proper InputkgR32/1.2kgR32/1.2kgR32/1.8kgR32/1.8kgR32/2.3kgR32/2.7kgR32/2.7kgR32/3.2kg
Sound Pressure At Rated Flow (1m)dB(A)4243454647495153
Sound Power LevelEN12102 (35℃)dB(A)5759606162646668
Cabinet Type/Galvanized sheet+ABS
Compressor Brand/Panasonic
Fan Motor Type/DC motor
Operating Ambient Temperature-35~43
Water Connectioninch111.
Unit Dimensions(L/W/H)mm896×440×750896×440×7501100×440×9501100×440×9501005×440×14001100×460×14401100×460×14401230×545×1525
Shipping Dimensions(L/W/H)mm990×450×900992×450×9001195×450×11001195×450×11001100×450×15501195×470×15901195×470×15901330×555×1680
The above data is for reference only;specific data is subject to the product nameplate.

HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED, which is professional international manufacturer of high quality full inverter air to water heat pump for house heating cooling, hot water and also swimming pool heating and cooling.

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