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Efficient Split Inverter Heat Pump Used For Water Heater

1. With CE approval.

2. A+++ Certified by TUV.

3. Wide capacity range from 9kw to 22kw.

4. Split full inverter air water heat pump adopts top grade parts such as: ALFA LAVAL plate heater exchanger, Wilo inverter water pump, Honeywell 3 way water valve and also Panasonic twin rotary inverter compressor.

5. Top grade parts are in used, such as: ALFA LAVAL Plate heater exchanger, Wilo inverter water pump, Honeywell 3 way water valve and Panasonic twin rotary compressor.

6. Used for house heating, cooling and sanitary hot water.

7. Wide Capacity range of 9kw, 12kw, 15kw, 18kw and 22kw.

8. All split type are with EVI technology, ensuring heat pump can work well under low ambient temperature of -35 centigrade.

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  • Description

HEEALARX Split Style DC Inverter Heat Pump Air to Water Heater for House Heating Cooling Hot Water  is divided into two parts: the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Its sleek geometric design, combined with a starry grey color, creates a sense of harmony and modernity. This allows it to seamlessly blend into any home environment while showcasing its advanced technology and compatibility.

R32 Inverter Heat Pump

Feaures of HEEALARX Split Inverter Heat Pump For Water Heater

  • High Efficient A+++ Energy Level

Our HEEALARX  full inverter evi air water cooling and heating heat pump is specifically designed for the high-end European market. It boasts an impressive A+++ energy label, thanks to the utilization of full inverter evi technology and the incorporation of top-notch components in its structure. By achieving the highest energy rating of A+++, this unit stands out as the most efficient and cost-effective choice for customers.

A+++Air to Water House Heating Heat Pump

  • With Full Inverter EVI Technology

The evi technology with full inverter can ensure the optimum performance of the inverter technology allows the heat pump Heaterunit when running at low ambient temperature as low as -25 centigrade and even -35 centigrade, which can help to offer the end users with stable comfortable house heating and hot water supply,and ciooling.

EVI Air Source Heat Pump

  • WIFI/APP Control

Wireless touch control through WIFI enables you to conveniently manage your heat pump from any location using a smartphone applicationWIFI Control Heat Pump

  • R32 Gas

New gas of R32 environment friendly green gas is in use, 10%-20% more efficient than R410A and also low carbon consumption.

R32 Inverter Heat Pump

  • Best quality heat pump components

As to ensure the stable performance of the units, HEEALARX adopts best quality Efficient Split Inverter air Heat Pump Used For Water Heater components such as: ALFA LAVAL Plate heater exchanger, WILO Inverter water pump made in EU, Panasonic R32 full inverter compressor and Panasonic inverter fan motor etc

Best quality heat pump components

  • Super Low Noise Level Technology

By incorporating Panasonic's advanced full inverter evi compressor, a dc inverter fan motor with adjustable fan speed, and implementing thorough insulation throughout the piping and refrigerant system, we have successfully achieved a significant reduction in the noise level of our Efficient split frequency conversion air water heater heat pump Heater system. Our system now operates at a mere 38 dB, ensuring a peaceful environment for all. Additionally, we have introduced a cutting-edge large-area fan blade in the outdoor unit, further contributing to noise reduction. As a result, the outdoor unit now operates at 39 dB, while the indoor unit emits a minimal 25 dB of noise.

Super Low Noise Heat Pump

  • Mature full inverter technology

HEEALARX has successfully unlocked the secrets of advanced full inverter technology after an extensive 8-year collaboration between our international team of engineers from Singapore and China. This breakthrough has now been incorporated into our cutting-edge split type full inverter house heating and cooling Efficient split type variable frequency intelligent air hot water pump

EVI Heat Pump Water Heater

  • Installation

HEEALARX Full inverter evi air water house heating heat pump is designed for house heating, domestic hot water supply and cooling in low ambient air temperature of -25 centigrade to -35 centigrade.

  • Installation Sketch for house heating, domestic hot water and cooling with buffer tank


  • Installation Sketch  for domestic hot water and house heating with buffer tank9

Full Inverter Air Water House Heating Heat Pump Split Type
Complete model
External model number
Power Supply/380V~50Hz/3Ph
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):7/6℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):40/45℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.8~9.03.8~11.05.5~15.05.5~17.57.3~21.5
Heating Power Input RangekW0.89~2.480.89~3.061.31~4.111.31~4.851.73~5.91
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):7/6℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):30/35℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.7~8.53.7~10.75.2~14.65.2~17.47.0~21.2
Heating Power Input RangekW0.67~1.910.67~2.400.94~3.280.94~3.951.27~4.75
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):-5/-6℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):36/41℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.5~7.04.0~8.54.5~13.05.0~15.05.5~17.0
Heating Power Input RangekW0.91~2.331.06~2.851.17~4.301.30~5.981.40~5.45
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):-12/-13.5℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):36/41℃
Heating Capacity RangekW3.0~6.04.0~7.54.0~11.04.5~13.05.0~15.0
Heating Power Input RangekW1.11~2.451.50~3.061.45~4.401.65~5.301.79~5.88
Heating Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):-20/~℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):~/41℃
Heating Capacity RangekW2.5~5.03.0~6.03.8~9.54.3~11.04.7~12.5
Heating Power Input RangekW1.04~2.331.26~2.791.59~4.441.80~5.191.92~5.68
Cooling Condition-Ambient Temp.(DB/WB):35/24℃,Water Temp.(In/Out):12/7℃
Cooling Capacity RangekW2.3~6.52.3~8.03.2~11.03.2~13.04.5~15.0
Cooling Power Input RangekW0.65~2.450.65~3.040.90~4.100.90~4.961.25~5.68
ErP Level(35℃)/A+++A+++A+++A+++A+++
Water Flow1.
Refrigerant/Proper InputkgR32/1.2kgR32/1.2kgR32/1.8kgR32/1.8kgR32/2.3kg
Sound Pressure At Rated Flow (1m)dB(A)4243454647
Sound Power LevelEN12102 (35℃)dB(A)5759606162
Cabinet Type/Galvanized sheet+ABS
Compressor Brand/Panasonic
Fan Motor Type/DC motor
Operating Ambient Temperature-35~43
Water Connectioninch111.21.21.2
Refrigerant circuit
Liquid Dia(OD):φ9.52  / Gas Dia(OD):φ15.88
Net weightkg657090105115
Unit Dimensions(L/W/H)mm945×440×7501145×440×9501055×440×1400
Shipping Dimensions(L/W/H)mm990×450×9001195×450×11001100×450×1550
The above data is for reference only;specific data is subject to the product nameplate.
HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED, which is professional international manufacturer of high quality full inverter air to water heat pump for house heating cooling, hot water and also swimming pool heating and cooling.

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