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Future of House Heating Heat Pump in UK

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Basic information for the current situation of house heating heat pump in UK

Heat pumps as a source for heating domestic properties are widely used all over the globe. Many families in Northern and Central Europe, as well as in Canada and the USA enjoy warm homes by having air source or ground source heat pumps installed. And that's to say nothing of Switzerland and Sweden where the renewable energy heat pumps are employed nearly in every single house. Central European countries like Germany and France don’t seem to trail far behind their northern neighbours as well and have their own developed heat pump markets.

So what about the UK? Are green technologies getting more popular in recent days? Why so many people are still unaware of opportunities the heat pumps could give them? This article is dedicated to some main questions on a perspective of heat pump installation in the UK today and tomorrow.
If you already know well all the benefits a heat pump may bring to you and the environment and would like to see the pricing, please, do not hesitate to fill in a simple form to get a quote. It is completely free of charge and will take you no time.

What is current heating system in UK?

When comparing the ratio of conventional and renewable sources of energy to heat domestic properties, one can observe that the UK homes still primarily rely on traditional fuels, especially gas. Even in the areas off the gas grid, around 85% of heating systems are run by gas boilers with more that 1 million boilers getting installed each year. Households are reluctant to trust new green technology as there is usually not enough information on what benefits it could provide. It all makes the UK a permanent leader on a boiler market in Europe. However, a number of air and ground source heat pumps being installed has considerably increased these days.

What is the future for house heating heat pump in UK?

Uk’s energy industry experts and opinion leaders are unanimous in conviction that it is just a beginning of a new era of renewable energy technology. In several years the domestic heat pumps’ share on the market will drastically grow thanks to the government initiatives and public awareness increase. It will also stimulate foreign companies to enter British market, which in turn will improve overall quality standards and broaden the range of prospective heat pumps customers.

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