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High Cop Swimming Pool Heat Pump For Factory

Super Silent Full inverter air source swimming pool heat pump horizontal type is a combination of all the modern elements, especially for European market, such as, France, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Replubic, Germany, Norway, Spain etc. High efficiency titanium heater exchanger, eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant, full dc inverter technology, low noise technology, modern appearance are just highlights of this type of full inverter swimming pool heat pump HEEALARX series.
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Product Description

As to provide luxurious heating solution for swimming pool, HEEALARX full inverter swimming pool heat pump HEEALARX series has been thoroughly concepted and designed to meet the global need of luxurious full inverter swimming pool heat pump with character of super low noise level, high heating efficiency, new environment friendly gas of R32 , modern patented design and also digital touch control with WIFI.

Advantage of HEEALARX Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump Horizontal

  • Mature full inverter technology

After 8 years of research, designing and advancement by our international engineer team from Singapore and China, HEEALARX has fully mastered the secret of the mature full inverter technology and also it has applied to our product of split type full inverter house heating and cooling heat pump.


Best quality heat pump components

As to ensure the stable performance of the units, HEEALARX adopts best quality swimming pool heat pump components such as: high quality titanium heater exchanger in PVC,, Panasonic R32 full inverter compressor and Panasonic inverter fan motor etc.


Super Silent Technology

As to meet market’s demand of super silent full inverter pool heat pump, with thorough efforts of HEEALARX engineer team, HEEALARX full inverter pool heat pump can heat the swimming pool with 10DB noise level with its patented special double side air blow system, well insulation of the compressor and refrigeration piping system and full inverter technology especially the technology of the changeable of the fan speed control system.


R32 Gas

New gas of R32 environment friendly green gas is in use, 10%-20% more efficient than R410A and also low carbon consumption.


WIFI/APP Control

Through WIFI online monitoring, customers will enjoy our contactless support mode no matter where they are. Our Swimming Pool Heat Pump also has more intelligent protection functions.

Smart Digital Touch Control

HEEALARX full inverter swimming pool  heat pump has a high-end controller with digital colorful touch screen, which is one of the highlights of this trendy heat pump product. It is incredibly convenient for users from different countries that multi language function can be chosen.



HEEALARX full inverter swimming pool heat pump horizontal type can be used for both outdoor and indoor swimming pool heating and cooling.


Installation Sketch


Effect of Installation


Packing&deliver  ----polywood packing

微信图片_20230418105810 packing1


CE Approval

Full product range of HEEALARX split type full inverter evi air water house heating cooling heat pump have passed EMC/ LVD test and also got CE certified for Europe.


Our Company



Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump HEEALARX Series
Advised pool volume(m³)20-4030-5540-7050-8565-10075-115
Operating air temperature (℃)-10℃~43℃
Performance Condition (Air 27℃/Water26℃/Humid,80%)
Heating Capacity (kW)2.0~7.02.5~9.73.0~12.83.5~17.07.0~20.58.0~25.0
Consumed power0.13~1.100.16~1.490.19~1.940.23~2.740.45~3.250.52~4.03
Performance Condition (Air 15℃/Water26℃/Humid,70%)
Heating Capacity (kW)1.6~5.42.0~7.02.5~9.03.0~12.05.5~15.56.5~19.0
Consumed power0.25~1.290.76~1.520.39~2.00.48~2.790.86~3.691.00~4.22
Performance Condition (Air 10℃/Water26℃/Humid,64%)
Heating Capacity (kW)1.2~4.01.6~5.52.0~7.02.5~9.04.5~13.85.5~17.5
Consumed power0.30~1.330.38~1.770.48~2.190.61~2.901.10~4.311.31~5.65
Power Supply220V~/50Hz
Casing typeMetal
CompressorTwin Rotary DC Inverter  type
Fan FormDC inverter  type
Fan Quantity1
Fan Speed (RPM)400-800400-800400-800400-800400-800400-800
Sound Pressure 1m dB(A)37-4737-4840-5040-5141-5342-55
Sound Pressure 10m dB(A)18-2718-2821-3121-3323-3524-37
Water Connection (mm)50
Water Flow Volume (m³/h)
Net Dimensions L/W/H (mm)1030*455*6351030*455*6351030*455*6351130*500*8001210*530*9001210*530*900
Qty per 20GP/40GP/40HQ72/156/15672/156/15672/156/15672/156/15644/84/8444/84/84
The data above is for reference only.
For more specific data,please refer to the nameplate on the unit.

HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED, which is professional international manufacturer of high quality full inverter air to water heat pump for house heating cooling, hot water and also swimming pool heating and cooling.

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