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Super Silent Full Inverter Pool Heat Pump Successfully Launched in HEEALARX

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As always keeping sensitive noticing on the swimming pool heat pump market, HEELARX noticed that some swimming pool surroundings that have very limited space for heat pump installation and require minimum distance of the blow-off cannot be observed, needing the heat pump with vertical airflow can perfectly fit such as a new market demand. Super silent full inverter pool heat pump vertical airflow and elegant appearance is built to match any swimming pool surroundings as well as providing higher energy savings for customers with its mature full inverter technology and also R32 new green gas is in adoption.

Full inverter air source swimming pool heat pump super silent series is equipped with Panasonic/ Mitsubishi full inverter compressor which can automatically decrease or increase according to the energy demand and the ambient conditions. Therefore, it does not work on a fixed frequency and higher efficiency can be made at much lower sound pressure. As inverter swimming pool heat pump has been a very popular and mature category in North American market. And this type of swimming pool heat pump will have a very promising prospect and enormous market potential in European countries too.


More Information Regarding Full Inverter Air Water Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Mature Full Inverter Technology

Application of inverter Panasonic compressor and full inverter technology, which is crucial element for the unit to be top product which and raise energy efficiency and provide customers with greater cost savings. With adoption of full inverter technology and the cop of HEEALARX full inverter swimming pool heat pump vertical can reach to 16.

Smart Digital Touch Control

Clear interface of smart digital touch control and also eye catching in design.

Smart App Control with WIFI

With adoption of smart app control with wifi, you can take full control of swimming pool heat pump with your mobile anytime at anywhere.

Low Noise Level

With patented special air blow system, HEEALARX full inverter swimming pool heat pump can heat the swimming pool with 10dB noise level.

HEEALARX INDUSTRY LIMITED, which is professional international manufacturer of high quality full inverter air to water heat pump for house heating cooling, hot water and also swimming pool heating and cooling.

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